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Improving Permitting


It is well known that the permitting process here has been difficult and causes undue burdens on our people. The automated system aims to help, but needs major improvements. I have spoken with contractors who have been forced, as a result of the permitting process, to do emergency repairs, apply and wait for a permit, then go back and take out the emergency repairs and do it the permitted way. This costs the home owner much more money and time without any good reason. We have the means for same day emergency permits approval and to use technology for virtual inspections. 


Currently our county has vowed to transition all cesspools to septic systems by 2050, but under the current system there are process roadbloks. For example, as part of septic system permitting, if you'd like to upgrade your cesspool to a septic system, you need to hire an engineer to design the system and then wait on the county to approve the design. I'd recommend the county hire an engineer to design a few different septic systems (common sizes) that will accommodate almost all homeowners needs. Then when a contractor applys for the permit to build the septic system, the county would help determine which design plan would be right for the job and simply give the plans to the contractor same day. This would reduce costs and much wasted time the county spends reviewing every newly designed system. 

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