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Affordable Housing


This is a personal issue for me and one I approach with compassion.


I want to first make sure those with housing can continue to have housing.

Our community has fallen on hard times. No one should be rejected from renting a home for being late on a cable bill, falling behind on student loans or a credit card, especially if their credit history shows that they are paying off their debt and have no delinquency in housing payments. For this reason, I want to bar the use of credit scores from the rental acceptance process.

Current Affordable Housing county code does not properly address minimum wage earners. We need to create incentives for developers and land owners to sell and lease to those that make minimum wage.

Homeless is a common term, but these people have a home. It’s here in our community, sometimes in doorways, sometimes on undeveloped land, or sometimes in cars or tents or self made temporary structures, but the area they live in is their home. We have programs that help with those experiencing houslessness, but they are grossly underfunded. We must find new ways to fund them properly as well as create more joint government/contractor/community/houseless ventures to create more affordable and sustainable short term and long term housing. 

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