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Global Warming


Global CO2 levels are measured from the top of Mauna Kea. And they are the highest they've been in human history and continue to rise.

Ocean levels are also rising and will continue to do so, which is why we need to prepare and plan with those in low lying coastal areas now. Through carefully and thoughtfully working with those directly affected ,we can eventually arrive at a fair and equitable agreement for local communities. It may be 100 years from now, but it will take that long to create a plan and put it into action.

We can reduce our CO2 footprint through no cost or low cost actions, like incentivizing a reduction and eventually the elimination of single use plastics and bottled water, installing a fully integrated smart traffic signal system, stopping the importation of disposable construction materials, installing more EV charging stations and making sure they can charge E bikes, boards, scooters and unicycles, and incentivizing the transition to heat pump hot water heaters.

I am a long time advocate for the earth. Follow this link to two videos in which I spoke out against

Hu Honua (now Honua Ola). I submitted a 5 page letter with 17 citations to the HDOH & PUC. 

In one of those videos, I mention speaking to John Deutch, former head of the CIA and current tenured MIT professor. He told me, in a private conversation, that we are on track for much more than 6C by the end of the century and, as you must know, the IPCC's newest report concentrates on

what just 1.5 and 2C above preindustrialized temperatures mean for food production. 

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