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I'm Maurice Goulding

I’m old enough to remember living on Kauai in 1978 in a foster home. My foster family and I moved there from San Francisco. I remember learning to swim in both the ocean and our local pool. I remember finding shark teeth on the shores any day I looked for them. I also remember the flattened frogs and lizards that littered the roadways in newly developed areas. I remember  Poipu beach before it was developed, long before hurricane Iniki took most of the houses away. With all these and many more memories, the thing I remember most is the day my foster father told me while driving me to school that they were not going to adopt me, that I was going to have to move back to California to live with another family. I swore I would find a way back. I even said I’d swim across the ocean to come back, because I had become a fish after learning to swim. You couldn’t get me out of the water. 


39 years later, I finally returned. I have visited Hawaii three times since I left as a child. Every time it felt like I was returning home. I can’t help but feel the aina in my blood. This land owns me and I have heard its call to protect it and serve our people. Like most problem solvers, I see problems everywhere and I also see solutions. I want to use my vast skill set to help our community grow and thrive and overcome the obstacles before it. I am not here by accident or because it is easy. It is a long story, but I have sacrificed greatly to be here.  I love this island. I love our people. This is my home.  

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Building a working stainless steel working desalinator prototype

Designed & Built a Working Model of a Desalination Unit

I have worn many hats in my life. I have been a Superintendent with over 80 men and women in my crew for a large masonry company. I was Vice President of Operations for a large steel warehouse that transloaded over 100 trucks and 12 railcars a day and Director of Operations for a demographics company where I flew to many states and hired people to look after the displays I installed. I have been a Quality Engineer at Ford’s Chicago Assembly Plant, a Plant Manager for a bottled water company, an Industrial Technician, a Consultant for the food and beverage industry, and the President of Rotary Club South Hilo in the pandemic. I have raised funds for three non-profits and I have volunteered my time to serve my community for over 12 years.


I have also been a soda jerk, waiter, bartender, door to door salesperson, caterer, laborer, extra for the film industry, lifeguard, ride operator at an amusement park, and at one point long ago, I was involuntarily unemployed for too long when there was no work to be found. I know very well the importance of having a good paying job and not just being able to provide for yourself, but the importance of fulfilling work. I also know how to apply the many skills I have learned over the last half a century to help solve the many obstacles our community faces. I have a passion to serve our island and I am committed to sharing my unique knowledge with other Council members, committees and the Mayor in order to do my part to help make life and our land better for everyone.

Cooking spam, at the beach (Big Island)

Camping & Breakfast at the Beach

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